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Genetic counseling

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Familial Cancer Clinic

All individuals who fall in one of the three following groups are introduced to the Genetic Counseling Clinic to receive free counseling. The genetic counseling is carried out by two physicians.  

  • Group One: Individuals who are below 40 and at least one of their family members has had breast cancer
  • Group Two: Individuals with a family member at any age suffering from bilateral breast cancer
  • Group Three: Individuals with at least two first-degree or second-degree family members suffering from breast cancer or ovarian cancer.

  The standard procedure is to conduct an interview with the individuals who are receiving counseling through which some early explanations are provided on familial breast cancer, its risks and other issues relating to it. Then a family tree of the individuals is drawn and they are asked to introduce their first and second degree family members to provide samples. The individuals are then referred to a second physician to complete further proceedings and have their files prepared.

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