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  1. Cloning and Expression of recombinant scFv monoclonal antibody against hematopoietic stem cell marker CD-45Ra in bacterial host
  2. Design and production of a Triomab against VEGFR2  receptor, MET receptor and EpCAM molecule for targeting cancer cells in breast cancer
  3. Computerized simulation of Tamoxifen resistance molecular network in breast cancer cells
  4. Production of anti  MUC1& CD3 bispecific nanobody in bacterial host 
  5. Evaluation of Tumorocidal effects of Cardiac Peptides Expressing Salmonella on Breast cancer cell line
  6. Production of human recombinant  scFv anti ALCAM antibody in bacterial host
  7. Design and fabrication of suspension microarrays based Nano biosensor for early detection of genetic diseases
  8. Design and production of (Fab)2 fragment antibody against anti-epidermal growth factor receptor in E.Coli
  9. Metastatic diagnosis of Axillary lymph nodes and tumor samples of IBCRC (Iranian Breast Cancer Research Center) based on electrical monitoring of their invasion to endothelial vascular layer cultured on nanoroughened PMMA
  10. Design and production of a Triomab against MUC1 receptor, CD3 receptor and Fz receptor for targeting cancer cells in breast cancer
  11. Design and production of anti MUC1 nanobody and Evaluation of the ER, PR, HER-2 receptors expression levels in order to overcome related drug resistance in cancer therapy
  12. Targeted delivery of anticancer peptide drugs to tumor site using engineered bacteria
  13. Efficacy and safety assessment of MUC1-CD3 Bi-Specific antibodies in breast cancer murine model
  14. Designing and administration of anti ERα36 antibody to overwhelm tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer cells
  15. Optimizing the culture medium to express a secretory form of MUC1-CD3 bi-specific antibody
  16. Exploring the possibility of controlling differentiation of human umbilical cord blood cells
  17. Evaluation of the effect of plasma-activated media on the death of  MCF7 and  SKBR3 cells
  18. Effects of extremely low frequency magnetic fields (ELF-MF) on The expression of recombinant anti-receptor CD45RA antibody fragment in bacterial host 
  19. Exploring the effect of anti-MUC1 antibody on different cancer cells
  20. Design and fabrication of Nano biosensor for early detection of genetic diseases based on optical microarrays
  21. Efficiency of Triomab against VEGFR2 receptor, MET receptor and EpCAM molecule in breast cancer treatment via silica nanoparticles
  22. The effect of monoclonal MUC1 antibody loaded on pegilated carbon nanotubes on MCF7 cell line
  23. Nano biocompatible graphene oxide for targeted drug delivery to breast cancer cells
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