Motamed Cancer Institute- Recombinant Proteins in Cancer
Recombinant Proteins in Cancer

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 Recombinant Proteins in Cancer


  • Pioneer in design and production of recombinant proteins in the field of cancer in Iran.
  • Meeting recombinant protein demands of the medical field with the help of specialists for developing a better and healthier future.
  • Establishing required foundations and laboratories in the field of biotechnology and optimization and transfer of technology.
  • Training specialists in the field of biotechnology.
  • Design and development of recombinant proteins, particularly recombinant antibodies for application in research, diagnosis and cancer treatment.
  • Conducting student research tesis and industrial projects in laboratorial scale, in the field of antibody production.
  • Expanding antibody production from laboratorial to semi-industrial or furder scales in the form of knowledge based companies and collaboration with other institutions and companies.
  • Study and design of research projects in the field of developing production cycles of recombinant proteins in short and long term phases.
  • Determination of research priorities concerning mAbs in the country and solving them.
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