Motamed Cancer Institute- Complementary & Alternative Medicine in Cancer
Group Members

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Dr. Ali-Reza Majid Ansari (Director)

  • PhD in Pharmacy and PhD candidate in Biotechnology from Pasteur Institute of Iran (IPI)
  • Research Interests: Bioelectromagnetics in treatment of cancer, Herbal medicine for cancer treatment​​

Hassan San’ati (Expert)

  • M.Sc. in Lab Studies and M.A. in Parasitology from ShahidBahonar University of Kerman​
  • Research Interests: Herbal medicine for cancer treatment, Iranian traditional medicine, Chinese traditional medicine, Greek traditional medicine

Dr. Ali Salari-Taba (Assistant)

  • PhD in Pharmacy from Faculty of Pharmacy of Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • Research Interests: Herbal medicine for cancer treatment

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