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Research group of Medical Ethics and Law

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Research group of Medical Ethics and Law

Research group of Medical Ethics and Law, ACECR, unofficially began its activity on 2013. The general agreement of the group was achieved on May 2014 and the final agreement of the group was achieved on May 2016. Focusing of “education” and “research”, the group investigates both “Ethical” and “Legal” issues related to the cancer in particular breast cancer. Developing researchers' knowledge and attitude as well as Increasing ethical and legal standards in the field of medicine is one of the main objectives of the group.   

Medical ethics tries to reply questions on health services. The questions which need deliberation in the theoretical fields and values governing professional society. The key areas of medical ethics consists of ethics in medical researches, clinical ethics, ethics in health policy, ethics in medical education, and ethical considerations in novel health technologies. Frameworks, principals, rules, and norms are discussed in the theoretical aspect of medical ethics. On the other hand, just determining correct and incorrect behaviors and interventions in the field of medicine is not enough to achieve our final goal of ethical behaviors. So, it is necessary to use some technics for being considered ethical norms and its behavioral procedures. Medical law is one of the instruments to support operation of medical ethics rules. Medical law helps to improve relationship between doctors and patients by determining and applying multiple sanctions to be bound by these rules. Medical ethics consisted of rules and regulations governing relationship between the users of health care services and the service providers. Medical law aims to set doctor-patient relationship setting based on the rights of the parties. In this regard, we need to provide a context to guarantee doctors job security and respect his dignity as a senior practitioner as well as the patients’ interest to benefit from health-care services and individual rights.

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