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Cancer Informatics

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  Ali Reza Atashi 
  • Head of Group                                                                                                                           
  • Ph.D. in Medical Informatics                                                                                                                    
Email:              CV              T: +9821-88791120      
  Mohsen Alijani Zamani 
  • General Physician 
  Najme Nazeri                   
  • MSc in Information Technology Management 
Email:          CV

Other Members

  Sara Dorri                                                                                                                                   

  • PhD Candidate in Medical Informatics 
  • Research Assistant 
  Mosen Goli 
  • MSc student in Informatic Technology 
  • Research Assistant 

You Are the Most Welcome to Propose any Collaboration on:

  1. Data Mining And Knowledge Discovery in Medicine
  2. Cancer Decision Support Systems
  3. Socio-Technical and Socio-Cultural Aspects of Computer Solutions Implementation
  4. Cancer Registries
  5. Cancer-related Integrated Information Systems
  6. Cancer Guidelines
  7. Online Health
  8. Telemedicine
  9. Privacy and Security of Medical Data
  10. Medical Image Processing
  11. Workflow And Information Flow
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