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The Cancer Genetics Department is situated in the building of the Motamed Cancer Institute (MCI). The main missions of the group include studying the cellular, molecular and genetic aspects of breast cancer, including the procedures involved in the diagnosis, prognosis and response to treatment of breast cancer to find biomarkers related to personalized medicine of cancer. This group is meant to become a specialized breast cancer research center in Iran by relying on the techniques as well as the cellular, molecular, genetics and epigenetics knowledge. Our service provides comprehensive counselling to individuals with a family history and/or a personal history of cancer.  This process involves constructing detailed and confirmed family histories, risk assessment, arranging screening and or genetic analysis/ testing where appropriate and providing ongoing support.  The service also has the possibility to participate in various national and international research studies.

The focused activities of the cancer genetics department:

  • Determining breast cancer risks and providing genetic consulting through familial cancer clinics
  • Measuring and studying the relation between molecular markers related to cancer and survival as well as the response to treatment of cancer patients (mostly in the breast cancer) as well as focusing on liquid biopsy including exosomes and circulating tumor cells as a new source of biomarkers.
  • Investigating molecular genetics and epigenetics of drug resistance that could lead to new therapies and better treatment decisions for breast tumors
  • Cytogenetic studies over breast cancer and attention to cancer stem cells
Cancer genetics faculty, combined with strong alliances with the universities and other local and regional institutes and colleges, enables the department to provide a superior, comprehensive education in several fields.

Specific fields and target audiences include:
  • Clinical genetics training of residents and fellows
  • Doctoral and Master's degree training in basic and translational cancer genetics and epigenetics
  • Postdoctoral training in basic and translational cancer biology
  • Advanced training in cancer genetics
  • Summer research internships for high school and college students
  • Diversity in the clinical cancer genetics workshops

We are pleased to announce that we have revised and improved the structure and curricula of our graduate programs to create M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Cancer Sciences and ready to joint projects with other academic centers.
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